We are a collective of experts and visionaries determined to build brands & reputations, shape transformative conversations & even influence the collective conscience in the world of mental health, trauma care and interconnected wellbeing.  

We seek a regenerative world of hope & healing. Mint Partnership was created to build a bridge to a future world and call in the change humanity needs to see. A team of experts and visionaries who will help bring about meaningful change with a combination of kindness, compassion and kickass action. 

cause minded & collaborative

We created Mint Partnership to build a bridge to a future world and call in the change humanity needs to see. We understand that the health & sustainability of your business depends on the resultant wellbeing of your audience. 

Your job is to share an idea, a product, tools, techniques, a movement. Ours is to help you shape your vision, give structure to your efforts and amplify & deliver what you offer to where it is most needed. Mint Partnership is here to provide an alliance that will give your business the backbone support it needs to reach your goals & move forward with intent.  

necessarily purposeful & passionate

At Mint Partnership we offer business & brand consultancy which aims to revolutionise how organisations or individuals with a service in the wellbeing space position & brand what they do for their audience. 

Mint Partnership help recognise the opportunity & fine tune the offering. Our work acts as a catalyst for interest & action. We use the power of words & images alongside technology, AI & neuroscience design to help increase reach & build reputation.  

persevering & creative

We are fierce champions & believers in the concept of interconnectivity & the genius of the ‘&’. We know that all things are interrelated. People & Planet. Inner & outer world. The micro & the macro. We are necessarily purposeful in our determination to build a better future. 

This future is about embracing health from a different perspective; one that marries advances in science & holistic modalities, AI & ancient medicine, the psychological & the physiological. There is no one action or piece of knowledge that will, by itself, answer everything. So, Mint Partnership are committed to the sharing of this knowledge and to connecting the dots between people & philosophies, branding & businesses, creative talent & ambitious strategy.  


emma & araminta

“Our dream was rooted in a shared vision to help unlock and amplify community knowledge in a new way & help to create a better future. The tools, techniques and knowledge exist to make change but they are not being translated quickly enough from the few who know it to the many who need it. Mint Partnership was formed to accelerate change, in the spirit of collaboration, with the intent to further collaborate with our game-changing partners in the mental health & trauma care space, experts who layer and combine their skill sets with our own (from designers to AI specialists) and with our clients, who work with us in partnership.”

“We are unwaveringly committed to joining up the dots so impact is maximised and nothing is lost in translation. Together we want to deliver a meaningful & measurable difference to your world & the world at large. Far away from the current landscape of poor mental health treatment and misunderstanding, even condemnation, of trauma, addiction and mental health issues, we seek a regenerative world of hope & healing.”


araminta jonsson

founder & visionary

Araminta is a force of nature who has a lived & learned personal experience of dealing with deep-seated trauma and addiction and, through acquiring the right guidance & knowledge, transforming that experience to positive effect. 

“Through my own journey of healing I started to work in the trauma care & mental health space, delivering messages of hope & tools for recovery to others. The Master Series brings together innovators & ground-breakers who change the dialogue around their area of expertise to help individuals feel safe and recognise their own worthiness. But I knew that there was more I could do to take this messaging further and when I met Emma a combined vision was born”.


emma stapleton

brand consultant & strategist

Emma combines strong strategic foresight & creative acumen with a fierce determination to bring about meaningful change, a global perspective and a proven track record for delivering sustainable and profitable growth for a range of businesses.

“I believe in the power of branding & creative design to propel a business forward. This is about more than just marketing, it’s about the depth & meaning behind a proposition and making that story as accessible & usable to as many people as possible who need it. I wanted to combine my skill set with a desire for a higher intent, one rooted in improving people’s lives. Then I met Araminta and this was the light bulb moment.”