mint & Gabor Maté

“Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, the way we love and the way we make sense of the world. It is the root of our deepest wounds.”

We are living in a state of global perma-crisis and everyday living is becoming more traumatic. Demand for research, tools and techniques that can help people understand, identify and reconcile trauma is growing exponentially as people experience and identify as having traumatic experience.

Gabor is an international best-selling author and world-renowned speaker. Millions of lives have been changed for the better thanks to his work as a trauma expert and sought-after thought leader. His unique work centres around the idea that the root cause of all suffering is trauma and the society in which we live does not possess the infrastructure for people to be well. Harnessing the power of science and compassion can make a real difference in healing trauma to end suffering.


science meets compassion

From Dr Maté position as authority in the field of trauma, his website is one of the ways he shares what he has discovered with his audience. Recognising the need for his knowledge to land with greater impact, we were engaged to develop the proposition and visual identity system to convey his story and messaging in a more confident and compelling engaging way – starting with his website and extending across all touch points including social media, emails and in-person interviews and events.

We were approached to partner on a journey of refreshing his global presence to be bolder, clearer, and more impactful, leveraging his position as a pioneer of new approaches for health and healing.

Gabor’s ambition to spread knowledge, understanding and approach to reconciling trauma was placed at the heart of the positioning framework that would inform the creation of a refreshed look and feel.

By utilising his authority and placing his signature at the heart of refreshed identity, we are offering a visual shortcut to his endorsement of whatever is being explored and socialised. Elevate and framing what was already there to greater effect with the intended audience and the action he wishes to inspire.


To cut through the vast amount of noise in this space we recognised the need to elevate his simple yet powerful message of ‘heal trauma to end suffering’ to ensure it is adopted more broadly, recalled more often, and socialised with ease. 

The new brand and design centres on bringing to life Gabor as the extraordinary and empathetic human he is. The experience of Gabor in person resonates profoundly and our intention was to reflect his powerful and calming presence. Gabor’s GM initials instantly convey a strong sense of personal endorsement coupled with intimate, portrait- style photography that is rich in his signature colours or used in stark simple black and white as the context dictates.

The rich vignetted colour palette adopted instantly convey a sense of professionalism, warmth, and depth. The accent colour of gold adds a subtle premium cue to convey that the curated nature of the content he shares and its intellectual weight. The canvas that sits behind the brand eludes to Dr Mate’s passion for creativity, including inspiration from his wife, Rae’s, abstract artwork.

Several distinctive aspects of Compassionate Inquiry’s existing brand demanded preservation. These included the profound visual metaphor of water that was evident in all programme content with water being used as metaphor for so many of the key messages to be translated. There was recognition of the distinctive colour palette of blue and purple among CI’s existing audience and we built on this asset to retain a sense of familiarity whilst elevating the use of colours to better allude to the nature of CI’s work and engage its diverse audience.


what we did together

the results

“It, once again, is perfect! I love the branding. I can’t say enough how much I love what you guys did.

Dr Gabor Maté