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partner for change

in mental health & wellbeing

We sit at the intersection where business transformation meets social change. We bring together experience in trauma care & wellbeing with expertise in business & brand consultancy. We are committed to joining the dots between these powerful forces to positively impact & profoundly change people’s lives.

strategy & ideation

Clarifying your offer & position to amplify value.

branding & identity

Harnessing the power of brand to ensure distinction, connection & impact.

experience design

Acting as ally & guardian to your brand for excellence in execution.


global impact & influence

Ours is a values-driven culture that believes knowledge needs democratising & truth needs a voice.  The world of health & wellbeing is often disparate and changing at pace.

There are other consultancies out there with experience in healthcare. None combine our insights into mental health & trauma with expertise in how to use brand for global impact & influence, to inspire action & growth, and change beliefs & behaviours. We use our knowledge & combined talents to provide business & brand strategies that meet the human need for a future which embraces complete interconnected wellbeing.  


interconnected wellbeing

The collective awakening around the importance of self-care and preventative health measures shows no sign of abating. We know we need to do things differently. The world is transitioning through incredibly challenging times as humanity grapples with economic and health crises and a climate emergency. But these are also times of incredible opportunity where there is an acute imperative to reimagine how both industries & individuals can better work together for the greater good.  

Mint Partnership: for organisations that have a stake in or adjacent to trauma care & mental health who want to identify & amplify their message and accelerate & deliver impact. 

news & insights

We make it our duty to stay ahead of what is new & next in the world of trauma-informed care & interconnected wellbeing. Ever-seeking sustainable & current forces for change in this emerging landscape, we explore ancient holistic modalities & the latest in AI, the psychological & the physiological.