pioneers & game changers

From thought leaders & like-minded visionaries to physicians & psychiatrists as well as body workers & psychotherapists, we’ve spent the last five years building an eco-system of profound connections. Our wellbeing web brings together highly specialised experts who champion change & innovation in the landscape of emotional & mental health and physical & spiritual wellbeing.

These individuals & organisations are not just lifelines to a regenerated world of greater peace & interconnected wellbeing, they are its life blood. They offer the research & experience that can help to transform how humans relate to themselves & each other.

A by-product of our work in this sphere is that it cross-pollinates & fertilises all that we do at Mint Partnership, which benefits both us & our clients, which is you. Partner with us and the dots just keep joining up: the spaces in between get smaller, the intersection where understanding is born grows, new territories & pathways are founded.