Mint offers partnerships with heart & conscience. We work only with brands determined to bring about positive change in the world of mental health, trauma care & interconnected wellbeing. We marry our own lived & learned experience in this space with our expertise in global brand-building.

From crystalising concepts through to planning & managing, execution & beyond, we champion collaboration & creativity, integrity & innovation.
Our clients offer effective tools, techniques, services or products that contribute to changing the wellness landscape for the better, yet many of them have never experienced strategic planning & the power of branding to fuel purpose & enable change. We join-the-dots, helping to take what exists to where it is needed most. We serve our clients through a powerful combination of highly specialised consultancy, insights & future-focused strategies & branding.

strategy & ideation

Clarifying your offer & position to amplify value.

branding & identity

Harnessing the power of brand to ensure distinction, connection & impact.

experience design

Acting as ally & guardian to your brand for excellence in execution.